My 2×2’s #InWorldz

I got the 2×2’s in #InWorldz because I had a few ideas on what I would like to do with them. However after only a few days in & only really having built very minimally, I soon realised that I was not going to be able to do what I had wanted with them, not if I also want to create new items for my store.

Britannia North, South, East & West are my Regions. I have placed my store down on West, built a shopping Parade on North where People can rent a parcel for their stores at a very minimal cost. As for South & East… I decided to Rent them out as full regions. I would rather see someone make use of them than to have them stand there empty… you can do an awful lot with 12,000 prims.

Out & About in #InWorldz

Just came across Emerald Dream, home of Mystery Creations… What a delight! Lots of lovely creations here & prices are really good! Just walking around the place is a pleasure😉



Golden Touch.. Only in #InWorldz

Last evening I caught the Golden touch light show.. absolutely superb! I had to use cool VL Viewer to see it properly & at 1st I had no music (took a while for me to find how to activate the stream in the v1) I did take many photo’s, but I cannot find them on my PC where I saved them to, so obv the V1 snapshots don’t work!

Luckily rig torok was there too & he took superb photos, far better than mine would have been lol

There is also a video you can watch on Youtube I did try to insert it here but for some reason I couldn’t! Really dislike it when changes are made while your away :p

Anyway if you have never caught any of the golden touch shows then you are really missing out




#InWorldz Alive & Kicking!

What a great start to my return! Last evening I logged in to my lovely new regions, got an IM from an old group that I had thought disbanded… Gypsies… took the tp offered & wow what a night! Great Music from DJ G-Winz, great dancing, great fun, great company!

I hadn’t even touched my lovely new regions before I went, either lol

There is so much to do in IW… you just have to be open to those invites😉


Taking the plunge… Once more

Well after my last post, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about my Fave VW InWorldz. I got myself 6months out this time! lol

So today I have again purchased a 2×2 deal, and I now await the set up. All will be used for my Creations I will not be taking on any building projects, just keeping things simple & more manageable for me.

There is a lot that I would like to do with them, but cannot, dare not… for fear my hands won’t cope😦

This time around I want to get back into being sociable. I have spent too many years stuck on my platform alone. When I 1st came to IW I was always about, we were very small then, but were a great community. So it is my plan to visit more, chat more with friends, attend events & stop being a hermit! lol

I did a bit of sim hopping in IW yesterday, found some lovely builds. We have some really wonderful creators in IW

It is great to be back!


What Am I Missing?

Having lived in a virtual world for almost 10yrs I truly thought I would have missed it more once I left. The truth is that I don’t miss it as much I thought I would. I do miss having the ability to create though. Being a content creator brought me a lot of joy, it hurt a lot when I had to give in to my disability & stop creating. I think taking on the Venice project was a little bit too much for me, if I am honest, combined with trying to keep up with my regular creations, it all just took its toll.

I had stopped being social in the virtual world after my last disastrous Virtual relationship proved to be nothing more than a sham, yet again. It made me very wary of forming any sort of relationship, friend or lover, with anyone ever again. When you have been duped that many times it really knocks the stuffing out of you.

I did have many friends in the Virtual World, I just didn’t socialise at all. I spoke to them in private chat, sometimes on voice too. Most of those I considered friends are on my Genuine facebook friends list, so I can still catch up with them there & I do enjoy seeing their posts.

I haven’t ruled out Virtual life, altogether. I am hoping to return again one day soon. My hands are feeling much better, the rest has done them some good. If I do return I will stick to my original plan though with the 4 sims & just use them to sell my Creations, no more heavy building for me!😉

I do pop in to the forum sometimes just to see what is going on. I have not logged inworld though since the day I left, one day soon… I will…