Sad Farewell to Zen Newcastle

I learnt today that my Dear Friend Zen Newcastle passed away on September 12th, her long time friend & companion Dwarf Hightower will be leaving IW on September 28th, all of their creations will be gone after that date.

They created Sea4yourself together, the most awesome boats & planes, very quirky & unique. Best boats & planes I ever used.

She was such a lovely person & will be sadly missed by all who knew her.

Her friend Roxie Dixon made this tribute to her memory

R.I.P Zen

R.I.P Zen

New Paths…

Well after having decided to leave the virtual worlds behind me, completely, I then decided to keep a store open. The main store will now be on Emsland, because I rent the parcel so can name it. I also have some free stores that I have had for a very long time, so those will remain until such time as the regions owners decide otherwise. I will not, however, be creating anything new for the foreseeable future.

My Creative talents are now going elsewhere… I have begun to write once more, but even here I have changed paths by leaving behind the erotic genre & moving into a more contemporary genre. I publish on Kindle & have had my books available there for about 2yrs for which I still receive royalties. I believe that I have had a lot of interest in my books coming from the grid as I have my books set out there, which lead to where you can buy them on kindle, so I will most probably be leaving those set up at my Store.

I have received a lot of good wishes from People on the grid, which I appreciate greatly, more than words can say.

I am busily preparing for my Holiday with my sister… Getting my passport renewed… sorting out clothes to take with me… you get the picture ;)

As for InWorldz… Having been there almost from the beginning I can honestly say that I have loved all of it. I never made any money for myself, I cashed out, yes, but that went straight back to the grid in my tier payment. I have seen many changes on the grid, most I have liked, some I have not liked. I do believe it will go from strength to strength & one day will be the grid that overshadows all others.

I wish the grid, its founders, its workers & its residents the very best for the future


This has been a very hard decision to make, but it had to be made. Those that know of my real life, will know that my Wonderful, amazing children, (though they are adults now not kids) have clubbed together to send me on a much needed Holiday, I haven’t had a Holiday in 10yrs & have spent the last 7yrs living in a lot of pain from medical problems that forced me to have to give up my Job. So life had become glum & it was only my virtual Life that saved me… until I found a different path

The path I walk now is the path of Reality
I am Happy
I am Blessed
I am Living… once again

Farewell dear friends
Rosa Dagostino

Time for Reality…

A few months ago I came across a video on youtube which reawakened me in ways I had forgotten, that Video was only 1 from the many freely available. Since that day I have been looking at the world very differently & choosing my thoughts deliberately. This has given me a new lease of life, I have become once more the Woman that I used to be before I allowed heartache to pull me down. Only this time around I understand more, about myself, about my life & what I want in my Life.

I want reality. I have spent far too many years living in a virtual world which, I feel, took me away from the reality of Life. It once brought me joy to spend time in my little world, but it no longer does. I find myself looking around me & thinking I want that. I want a life in the real world, like I used to have.

I have well being, my Health is restoring, I am losing weight & feeling Happier than I have done in years & all because I chose to change my thoughts.

The more I do this though, the more I feel myself distancing from those things I had come to know. The things that got me through some unpleasant years, but also left me stuck in that time, yearning for more but achieving nothing. I felt stale so I became stale. I no longer feel stale, I feel fresh & alive & I want to Live life to the full & feel Joy every day.

I do not want to give up my virtual world entirely, but I am feeling myself not so drawn to it, not logging in unless i have to, not even creating content which once used to sustain me & make me feel worthy.

I feel worthy without doing all of that. I am worthy of so much more.

Right now I am uncertain of my virtual World, but my Real World, is looking & feeling so much brighter to me & I want more of that. I want to walk among nature & feel the sun on my face & breath in fresh air. I want to smile at people & have them smile back. I want to converse with them, laugh with them & feel real joy in my heart.

Life is Wonderful, go outside & enjoy it

Rosa ;)

A Thriving Community!

A few weeks ago, tired of all the Drama on the Forums, I decided to stop posting to any of the discussion threads. A few things had sickened me… 1stly that idiotic Nazi debate in which some residents even went so far as to form a petition, shortly after that I watched, again disgusted, as a Long term resident, was lambasted for trying to create an informational Blog. Thankfully he went ahead with his idea & you can find that link under the handy links ;) I also relented & posted in some forum discussions ;)

You hear all of the time of how new residents coming over from SL do not feel welcomed. I find that hard to believe as despite all the drama that gets witnessed on the forums, the community as a whole is very welcoming to all. Though I have to say that any Merchants coming over from SL need to come here as though they are Brand New, which means they need to advertise & participate & not just expect that their name alone will sell their goods. It doesn’t work that way in InWorldz. Most of us support those who are active within the grid, your name won’t mean diddly squat to me if I am not seeing any advertising. I left SL over 5yrs ago, so most of those coming now I have never heard of.

You need to get involved with things going on, I don’t mean go to every event. I & most creators are stuck on their platforms & do not socialise, that is not why I am here.. I am here to create, but what I do, do, is advertise, I get involved with other things like the Brilliant #Hashtag #InWorldz Twitter campaign.

Now I say the community is thriving because it is & if you really want to see how a community pulls together then just view what occurred when a long time resident put out a plea for some RL help

Hard to believe that a few of those same residents actually sickened me a few weeks before with their antics on the Forums

I think sometimes people just do not think before they post, or perhaps their nationality makes it harder for them to put into words what they are trying to say so that they come across as being aggressive…

The Truth is… The InWorldz Community is probably one of the best around & I am glad to be a part of it

See you around the grid, if I ever get off my platform that is ;)

Branching Out…. again!

In 2009 when I became completely dissatisfied with Secondlife, having been there for 3yrs at that point. I set out to find me a new world, with the intentions of setting up my virtual business on them. Well the 1st grid I found became a disaster after only 2mths in, I don’t think it is even around anymore, but that disaster led me to my present virtual world… InWorldz… my Home. I did try others, with that same intention of setting up a store, but I never felt comfortable in them & most did not have a currency, so I stuck with InWorldz, giving up secondlife entirely when they 1st started changing Tos & it was explained to me that basically, they owned my stuff! I also gave up on the idea of having a presence in all worlds, I had made an avatar in most, but that was about all I had done. There was one I did open up a store in… Avination, but that was short lived, no one there, not at that time, wasn’t worth the effort & it is a big effort to open a store & fill it with your goods on any world.

I have been in Inworldz for over 5yrs now & just recently I have had that urge to discover new worlds again. Not to find myself a new home, I am happy with the Home I have in InWorldz, even if I am tired of all the recent drama we have seen on the Forums. I have the intention of branching out, setting up my store in new worlds & having some sort of presence in each.

I found 2 new worlds… The Adult grid & Virtual Paradise Grid Both Grids owned by People I know from Inworldz #VPGrid being the one I feel most comfortable in because it has a different feel to it, like a breath of fresh air…

So I have been busily uploading some of my content & stocking up my stores in each grid. It isn’t an easy task to do & doesn’t leave me much time for creating NEW, but its a slow time in VW’s with the summer being here & most People out enjoying the Sun & not stuck behind their computers & in VW’s much.

I have also set up a blog for Virtual Paradise Grid with the intentions of running that the same way I run this blog, as an informative place… well that’s the intention anyway lol. I have made some new pages on my Store blog so people can see what content I have in each grid

Virtual Paradise

I hope you will come visit my stores in each world, should you decide to venture there
Bye for now
Rosa ;)

I’z != L’s

This was posted by Ele yesterday read full posting here

Elenia Posted
Over the course of the last couple of months or so, it has become apparent that Linden Labs has been tightening the cash outs, or taking longer, etc., thus forcing people to make accounts over here to attempt to cash their L’s out.

For clarification: InWorldz economy stands on it’s own, we are not tied to Linden Lab, nor any other grid for that matter. When you attempt to cash out against our merchants and residents who are growing this economy, while not being a part of it, we will remove the cashout.

From a business standpoint, we are not about to start absorbing a loss for Linden Lab and their cash outs. This would be very foolhardy on our part to even try to absorb those. If you wish to cash out in our world, then you need to be a part of it, otherwise expect us to put a hold on those monies and not cash them out (as this also sets off my fraud flags when I look over the accounts).

If you are encouraging people to bring their cash outs over here, please stop. This is not helpful to our merchants or residents who do normal business daily in our grid. If you know someone who is encouraging others to do this, please let them know to stop or send them to this thread :)

Thanks everyone!