Busy times!!

The last 2 months have seen Inworldz growth bypass our expectations at this time. There is a lot of activity in our little world now & we have had our share of griefers too… sad ppl mainly who have nothing better to do with their time! The population is almost at 5000 it seems to be growing at the rapid rate of 1000 per week, users online has grown too I saw 80 the other day as i was logging in. I think there are 220 regions now so our world map is looking really good 😉

Of course we are still dogged by bugs from the bad OS coding but the team are working night & day to rewrite the grid code, making it its own. Inworldz is a growing & thriving world & business. Lots of creators are finding a new lease of life in Inworldz, a lot get engrossed with building though as it is such a dream to build in Inworldz.

Its nice to see it growing as it is, for our own faith in this grid to begin becoming a reality, We always knew it would succeed & now were seeing it happen. How could it not with founders who have such dedication & build this world for us the Residents.

So if you havent done so already… please come & take a look at Inworldz

You wont be sorry that you did 😉

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