Servers Compromised

[quote=”Elenia”]Ok, so some information, or at least what we know at this point. InWorldz was targeted by a botnet which successfully compromised 1 server completely, and all the regions on it (I will list those out here). 5 other servers were accessed, but unsuccessful, as we got ahold of our provider and they shut down those servers and worked with us to block out the intruders.

No data was compromised for assets, inworld items, inventories or anything else, that is the good news. We have taken a backup already of those, in case something more happens, all passwords have been changed to the site, grid, our accounts and so on. We do highly recommend changing your passwords, as although we do not have any evidence they got to the database, and the passwords in there are encrypted, we’d rather our residents not take any chances.

We are evaluating the information and logs we have of what was done already, and will continue to do so, security precautions that are even tighter will be enforced tonight before we bring the grid back up.

That’s as much as we know without boring you guys or compromising more information, and we’ll give you a heads up when we’re close to bringing the grid back up.[/quote]

Again Griefers have struck our lovely grid & tried to bring it to its knees… well I have a message for them…. It wont work! Instead of griefing IW why not just get on with improving your own god damn grid!

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