A Frighteningly thought provoking Movie

We found this on Jims Blog  and were totally blown away!

It really makes you think about Your Virtual Reality..

Can we Ever Truely know the person behind the screen?

That Avatar that we seem to tell our whole lives too … who are they really? Do You know? A lot of ppl, like the Avatar in this movie, just see virtual worlds as a game that they play… it doesnt touch their real lives. They log on, chat with friends, perhaps be with their virtual partner/husband/wife…. and every word they say to each other is not real, its just a game they play to while away the hours of perhaps their boring real lives. They never even think of the other Avatars as being real ppl, with real emotions & real feelings. You hear so many stories these days of ppl being ‘duped’ by someone online.. and this Movie takes it that one step further by showing what could be a reality.
You will watch this open mouthed, we did ….

Rosa 😉

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