Invitation to ALL Creators…

greetings one & all….

Not long ago it was mentioned here by one of our residents about an Art Fest… well we sort of liked the sound of that, but as we both ‘feel’ All Creators in VW’s are sort of Artists… we thought we would make this a Creators fest

We have a Region were willing to donate to the cause for a couple of months… we figured a Month for creators to build what they want within the set theme… then a Month or so for it to be displayed & viewed…

We were thinking of maybe having around 16 x 4096 sized plots which would give creators a good proportion of prims to play with … However that means only 16 creators could claim the free plots, but if this proves successful & popular… we might keep on doing it lol

Were just really putting the feelers out there for any interested in doing this, we thought to invite photographers & machnomeners… or whatever they are called… to come along & capture it all.

I was thinking of maybe having Fantasy as the theme as then you can really let your imaginations run wild, but that would be put to an open vote….

Anyway let us have your thoughts if you could do…

Thanks in Advance
Gaius & rosa ;)


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