Building the Foundations for a Better Future ;)

Well Done to the InWorldz Founders & their assistants & associates….

Building better Foundations will ensure our grid will remain stable as it grows… We Residents do not see all the work that goes on Behind the scenes, but I can still remember from my 1st days here when you knew someone was tping into your region because every script they wore, on AO’s, or attachments would throw an error… these days I rarely see an error thrown by a script.

InWorldz still has its work cut out fixing up a lot of problems that are still occurring, we have good days & bad days inworld. I rarely crash now, well I only really crash if im uploading & leave my window open too long.. now & again I will crash for no apparent reason. Getting contents to load can still be a problem for us, but I think they are working on that issue..

You can rez an attachment now & fiddle within it, so long as you dont move it about too much it will remember its attachment point, although I would still advise ppl to detach from invent & re attach for every edit you make while wearing an attachment..

We seem to still have a slight problem with the relay script in our collars, since Phlox, but were working on it..

As a merchant I am finding it a lot easier to get items out on sale these days… I no longer have to go through all my workarounds to get things accomplished, though sometimes I still seem to do them simply because I have become accustomed to doing them lol

We are still mainly a grid of Creators I feel, though creators can be customers too, so any Merchant here can succeed so long as they have a presence here & keep things fresh, advertise their wares etc. Its no good saying… “but i dont get any sales”, if you never refresh your stock or advertise on the Forums… running just a classified ad isnt going to do it for you as search still needs a lot of work.

We are still in Beta… I think a lot of Residents tend to forget that… You still need to have that Pioneering spirit to remain in IW & just keep on with it..

We have a great community, helpful & kind.. there are lots of places that can be explored, lots of places where you can find entertainment, lots of places for you to have fun & lots of places where you can shop till you drop! lol

We have the Best Founders of any grid so if your not a Resident of InWorldz yet… come on ove, the grass really can be greener on the otherside 😉

See you InWorldz 😉

Rosa 😉



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