First Conference for InWorldz ~ Date now set ;)

If you havent heard the news yet, its official Inworldz is to have its very 1st conference in Vegas!

We have waited so long for this… from the 1st moment Ele mentioned a conference… way back… we made a pact that we would meet at that conference & now it’s here… March 29th – April 2nd 2012.. covers IW’s 3rd Birthday.

As most of you know He & I met in InWorldz, well we actually 1st knew of each other from the forums at OLG, but our Avatars 1st met when we moved to InWorldz in April 2009. His Avatar was Onyx rain back then & He was a Gorean Warrior, onyx is still about, comes out to play sometimes too lol. But it is Gaius whom rosa submitted too almost 2 yrs ago now and is partnered with.

We can hardly wait to meet each other although we do see each other everyday via cam so there wont be any unexpected surprises lol. Cant wait to Finally meet Ele either… as it has always been Ele that we put our Trust in from the start, Ele & Legion together who ran IW & wrote the Blueprint for a better Virtual World that we all have come to Love. Tranq too who came along a little later & has done so much in rewriting the original OS coding that IW stands apart now & has moved away from OS. I have great Admiration for them all & for what they have achieved so far & it will be great to meet them all & to meet any Residents who can make it to the First Inworldz Conference

See you there if you can make it too

Rosa 😉

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