Now this is Something to look forward too! 😀


The nights are getting longer and the leaves are starting to turn… Autumn is upon us, and we all know what that means! It’s time for tricks, treats, and hair raising chills! This year have tons of spooky fun and help a great cause at the same time. The folks that brought you the Alchemy County Fair are back, and are proud to present IW’s horror extravaganza La Ville Macabre, an interactive haunted village, complete with Spooky Forest and Asylum of Terror. La Ville Macabre will be open to the InWorldz public on Chryssalis beginning October 15 through November 1, and will feature a variety of events for your enjoyment starting with a Grande Masque Ball, not to be missed! Be sure to visit our talented vendors while you are here! Remember, 100% of all proceeds go to Let Us Learn!

Sponsored by:
OutOfWorld Forums (OOW) and Virtual Helping Hands (VHH)

What is Virtual Helping Hands?
“Virtual Helping Hands is a non-profit organization helping individuals from all over the world by coordinating virtual and non-virtual resources to assist with mental, physical and spiritual health. The organization networks via the Internet to work within a global community that reaches out to impact the world around them.”

What is the Let Us Learn Project?
“Let-Us-Learn is an international project that aims to investigate the potential of a 3D virtual learning environment (3DVLE) designed to engage learners in collaborative, creative problem solving activities in which numeracy, literacy, life skills and creative activities are embedded in a motivating game-like environment. Projects are currently located in developing countries such as South Africa and Uganda, but our vision is to apply this technology to other developing countries. As technology grows more powerful and costs continue to drop, Let-Us-Learn sees enormous potential for 3DVLEs to play a significant role in the delivery of effective models for facilitating teaching and learning, especially in developing countries where both human and physical resources are scarce.”

Is this legit?
We’ve been very fortunate to have Virtual Helping Hands take part in this event. They’re a cross grid charity for helping people with disabilities in virtual worlds and a worthy charity in their own right. They have submitted both paperwork and a charity avatar to Inworldz LLC. All donations will go through this avatar and proper documentation will be provided.

Please take a few moments to check out the Let Us Learn exhibit that’s part of La Ville Macabre while you’re there, and join their group, Virtual Helping Hands, in InWorldz for updates!

Forum: Welcome to post there and read up:
Direct in-world contacts for more information: Leanna Caerndow, Moon Satoshi, Cryptic Quandry, Freedom Astheta
Virtual Helping Hands contacts in InWorldz: Saxet Uralia, Charles Mountain


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