Shopping Malls!

I seem to be inundated with notices about New Shopping Malls! They even send them via the Role Play groups!

This is what I look for when seeking a new shopping Region to rent in…

1. Do they advertise correctly & regular.. ie not by spamming groups endlessly!

2. Do they advertise in Forum… that is still the best place to Advertise IMHO

3. Do the textures rezz in quite quickly or am I standing there for what seems like an age with no end to this great grey void I have landed in

4. Are other Merchants renting there… ones I know of at least

5. Are they charging an Arm & a leg to rent their meagre space?

I landed in one yesterday that must have used the Light Feature on every single prim & I couldnt move! The Light Feature, imo, should be used sparingly because it does cause lag. If I cant move there to even check out the mall for renting, then what hope does a prospective customer have when trying to shop for certain items.

Some of the best places we have outlets in have never spammed us, we get regular sales there & are happy to continue being there, most of them we have been in for over a year now. The most recent place i rented was at Vodka… its a new urban themed sim & we dont seem to have many of those in IW… it is slow to get going, being new, but its cheap to rent so i dont mind hanging on there for a while till it does get established… these things take time

Well thats my rant over anyway… wonder if the grid is back up now 😉

See you InWorldz… hopefully… rosa 😉

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