Pastures new? Hmmm

Here I was this evening, another one in which i couldnt go home in IW coz since the upgrade my connection at certain times of the day just isnt up to it 😦

I had spent most of my time on my standalone, since having crashed out for the day in IW, but I was bored! Gaius made us Avatars in Avination some time last year, but we had never used them… so I thought I would give it a go, couldnt get in with a TPV as i couldnt find the Login details & Avination wasnt preloaded into the viewer, so i had to DL their Viewer. Now i liked that I wasnt the OS default Ruth! But jeez when i saw myself I thought ‘oh shit she needs work!’ I went to upload my skin, shape etc…. OMG I had to friggin pay! So i went into the shops at their Welcome Island place… not a freebie in sight! O.O Not a soul about either… so i went searching.. hmm not a lot to search, but then i found my fave hair creator… Damselfly, so hopskipped over there to see what i could get… well even a demo over my head is better than I did have on it hehe

Over at damselfly I discovered I could upload temp textures for free… so i uploaded my skin & a layer outfit & with my demo hair I wasnt looking too bad 😉 Then I found myself in a mall, owned by someone who used to rent from us in IW, his prices were good too, so… I bought some dosh! went back to get out of the demo hair, thought it might be cheaper to buy one than upload one of my own… ya just never know how much its going to cost when you import XML files. Then i rented this store at the mall & i have started stocking it up, jeez its costing me though… I just thought well I will just see if anything sells… I went to create a group… err no that costs too, but nothing ever alerts you to any of these costs.. it just told me I didnt have enough CC & I had about 190 left after my uploads, so gawd knows how much that costs!

Thing is since i discovered IW almost 3yrs ago now… i have become spoilt in some ways… i upload textures like there goin out of fashion… and it doesnt cost me a dime! All I pay for in IW is my rentals & my sales covers all those, so I never need to buy any dosh..

I just hope the next updates dont see me being unable to be in my fave grid altogether… coz i would really miss my IW Home.. even if it is only a platform at present.. well not much point in having a real home while Gaius isnt there.. is there?

Avination reminds me a lot of SL…. its all about money 😦


4 responses to “Pastures new? Hmmm

  1. We went over to Avination to open a store last year Rosa, bought a sim, set out a few houses sold a few, but did not like it there. It just felt very cold to me. I think I lasted 2 months lol. To be fair 2 months isn’t really enough time to settle anywhere but I quickly realised I didnt have the time to be in both worlds.

    It was an interesting exercise but yes it does seem very like SL in terms of motivations, much more so than our home :-).

    SInce then its dropped its user base and region count considerably from what I see on the hypergrid website monthly.

    FYI if its still available I think you can contact Melanie or someone on the team there and once they can tell you’re a merchant you are given 10,000 free cares for downloading stuffs to get you set up. Look it up on the website and see if they still do it.

    Anyway hope this doesn’t mean you will leave us and hope that things get fixed so you get back to IW.

    • Hi kohkoh… no will never leave IW, being there from the start its almost like, I cant leave it, if ya know what i mean. I am just feeling very restless at moment, with gaius being unable to be online, plus i gave up smoking this week so that hasnt helped! lol. I always set out to sell in all worlds, then i met gaius & my plans changed 😉
      I will search for that Info, thats good to know otherwise its going to cost me a small fortune! lol

      • Yikes good luck with the no smoking thing, I gave up 7 months ago and still want one after every meal . But at least I am better off financially and healthwise plus I don’t smell like an ashtray and neither does my house anymore lol.

      • The smell was actually why i chose to give it up, finally after 40yrs. I came home one day & the smell was just awful & I thought.. OMG! Is that what i smell like? That & the cost too, it just seemed rediculous to carry on wasting that money. There is so much I could be doing with it, like redecorating my ashtray for one! haha

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