Time for me to go?

I have found myself pondering that question for some time now.. It is becoming increasingly harder, with each update, for me to log in & remain inworld to do anything worthwhile. I have tried all the latest Viewers, i just crash on landing, so i am stuck with the old hippo, at least i was until the latest update, now its a hit & miss of wether i remain or not.

I Love creating & I am not sure what I would do if I didnt have that, but it is so frustrating after endless tries to log in, only to find myself logged out again & all apparently to do with my wifi connection, though i dont have any problem logging in & remaining in other worlds, so i am at a loss.

I Love Inworldz, have done since the moment I logged in there over 3yrs ago. I dont do the whole social thing, I am there just to create, its what I enjoy doing. Sometimes I like to explore too & deffo love shopping!

Once I am logged in, its great I can stay all day if I need too, so long as i dont leave that darn upload window open for too long that is haha. It is just getting myself to ‘stay’ in thats the problem. I clear cache, reboot, do everything I can think of before i give up…

Perhaps it is time for me to go? Though i doubt very much that i will do, I am a trier if nothing else 😉

2 responses to “Time for me to go?

  1. I’m sorry to hear you are having such a hard time getting into InWorldz, but I would like to help you figure out the problem if you would be willing to work with me.

    If you would like to go over the issues one more time, feel free to email me at bunderfeld@gmail.com and we can start diagnosis your connection issue.


    Bob Bunderfeld

    • Hi Bob I think I have discovered the issue, I changed my provider in December but was unable to connect when it was secure, so its an open source at the moment & will remain so until they make it so I can log on while the security is on. Someone has recently started using it & its really slowing me down, plus I am having to pay for the extra bandwidth they are using

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