Enjoying Inworldz Oncemore..

Its been a long while since i felt like posting anything here. I suppose I was a bit down about Gaius being unable to return, plus i was having mega issues with my log in’s. I still have the issues, I just seem better able to cope with them now. I miss Gaius, but life goes on…

I rarely go anywhere these days once i am inworld, all i do is work, creating is what gives me pleasure. However I do sometimes take myself shopping. Now & again I will go exploring if my viewer will allow.

I Love Julia Hathors Regions… I always feel inspired when I go there. If I had a better PC I would use Julia’s Regions as a backdrop for my Posters, as it is I am on a laptop & its getting old, like me lol

I have ideas for a complete overhaul of my Store, I have even thought about changing the name, but GJCR is well known in IW I have worked hard building the name.

I always loved to go shopping at Rebel Hopes Store in SL… I went in there yesterday & she has completely changed it.. I was a little dissapointed actually. It is all white & bright now & it took ages for all the sculpties to load, I gave up… grabbed a demo of a mesh dress & ran to a linden place where I could open & try it on, coz i dont have a home in SL anymore, nor do I want one… I just like to go back sometimes if I am looking for sculpts that i cant find in IW.

Anyway.. the Mesh dress… I couldnt see it, maybe it was my viewer? I dont know I was on imp in there, strange that I can use imp in SL yet I cannot use in IW???

Thank god for my faithful old hippo!

Inworldz is Home & I am beginning to enjoy being home again 😉


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