4th Rez day in Inworldz!!!

Today is my 4th rez day in Inworldz & I have been here now longer than I was in SL 😀

I have seen a lot of changes around the grid, some good, some not so good, some fanatstic. I still miss the days when we were few in the beginning & seemed so close, but Inworldz has grown so much & I am pleased about that, for the founders because they have put so much of themselves into making this grid what it is.

Almost All of the residents are friendly, caring & very much active around the grid. I am especially enjoying my time in the Gypsy Group right now & if you are new to IW & looking to meet friends, then you cannot go wrong with the Gypsy group! http://www.gypsiesofinworldz.com

I have also done a complete circle with rebuying my original Sim on the mainland… Cactus Flats has become my home again & I am enjoying building, creating & being a landlady once more 😉

I hope to have a nice little community here very soon offering low cost rentals in beautiful Houses, some fully furnished, which will give new residents a nice starting place to call Home.

However long I remain in a virtual setting… it will always be in Inworldz… where your Dreams can become a reality!

If you see me at my store, please say hello…. I don’t bite 😉



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