Seeing the World again!

Today I received my Brand new Laptop, the 1st thing I did was dl the IW Viewer ( I have not been able to use this viewer for almost 2yrs!) It was superb! As a test I went to my Favourite Sim… Creative Fantasy by Julia Hathor. I always crash when I am there because there are so many sculpts around, but today… I walked, I flew, I tp’d all over those regions & it was awesome! I have some pics.. if you have never visited, then do so, absolutely Beautiful 😀

My pics don’t do it justice… hey im a Creator, not a photographer! :p

I did crash out, but nothing to do with the sim.. I clicked a link someone sent to me instead of copy & pasting in my browser.. that always crashes me! 😦
I may go back to using singularity though, as I am used to it now & for some odd reason.. the IW viewer never holds my Inventory when I log out… the TPV’s do though ???

Now I have to transfer all my files over to my new laptop… good job this one is 6gb my old one is only 2gb so I am a very happy Rosa 😀

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