Meshing About!

I was inworld this morning making up a new outfit & chatting in one of the groups & the chat got around to Mesh clothing in SL… now Mesh is something I have been wanting to learn, but apart from dl’ing a program for it I haven’t done much about learning… yet! With talking about it today, I remembered a demo Mesh dress i picked up from my fave SL Designer Rebel Hope last year, but was unable to view it because of my old laptop. So I logged out of IW & logged into SL… after I had to get my pass because I didn’t have it stored on my new lappy :p

I went straight to my inventory & put on the Mesh demo I had in there…. WOW!!! Now this was something I liked, so I hopped skipped over to RH’s store & went crazy trying on all the Mesh demos lol



Trying on all the different dresses & having to wear the Alphas that went with them though soon made me see that Mesh, would look Fantastic if you wore the same shape as the Creator… if your not then it can look a little ‘off’. I only wear a cheap shape & skin in SL because its a new avatar & I don’t want to have to upload everything… would cost me a small fortune.. and I rarely go there anyway so it isn’t worth it. I noticed the mesh dresses come in different sizes, but even then some of them didnt fit right on my avi… I always have big boobs on my avi coz I have them in RL & big boobs really dont fit into these mesh dresses… if you wear the largest, then it bags out at the back & looks awful. I wore the medium & most looked ok, but as you can see from my pics… those boobies just ain’t fully covered!

Mesh will be coming to IW Soon(tm) I really like the concept & the possibilities are endless, however I do believe there will always be a Market for layers & prims…

Now where did I see that Mesh tutorial?….

Bye for now
Rosa 😉


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