New IDI Up & Running ;)

The New Inworldz Desert Island is now up & running & what a pleasure it was to tp over there & not be faced with lag… It’s peaceful, inviting & has all a New resident will need. Freebies still need setting up, as do the information boards, but it has such a good feel to it..

The only real gripe I have, and its a very small gripe… are the poseballs on the chairs… so last century in VW terms, but I am sure that could be a quick fix 😉

Well Done to those who built the new IDI & all the other Welcome Regions

Rosa 😉

4 responses to “New IDI Up & Running ;)

  1. I am really not impressed with the new IDI Centre, everyone stands there while on the outer fences there are lots of benches unused. I can’t see how you can say it has all a new resident needs, there is nothing there! Sorry, it looks dull and dark en so same same… that is my humble opinion. Wish I could have seen the other entries….

    • They might still be viewable, they will be getting used as part of the whole welcome package.. is my understanding, but the new IDI isnt as laggy as the old one was & once the docks are introduced it will bring the boats in 😉

  2. About the pose balls — Snoots Dwagon has a very nice sit system that is an invisible pillow and will seat both biggies and tinies properly. He even has a method for replacing the sit anim for biggies that is used as the default. I think single seating accommodating both would be good.

    • Yes it needs something hidden as pose balls just dont do it for me lol. I mean I have things with pose balls myself that i sell, but they dont give an overall good impression to new residents imo

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