So much to Explore..

I was out & about again last evening & Found some wonderful Regions, owned by Residents that I know have been here a long time, ppl I befriended on their arrival, but just never knew what they had done with their Inworldz lives once they had passed my way. I have always made it a habit to befriend every new resident I come across, so my friends list is HUGE though I only really chat to ppl in group chat. Residents rarely IM me probably because they know I am always creating, the 1st thing they say when they do is… I dont want to keep you from your work, but sometimes its just nice & refreshing to chat to someone. Or to go & explore somewhere new, as I did last evening…

Moon Island Mall has been around for a long time

Moon Island Mall has been around for a long time

I keep going there to see if there are any store vacancies.. its always full. Next door is greymoon, looks like another Mall set up, but just beyond that is
Magical Lagoon

Magical Lagoon

It was magical too, cute little gardens, hidden pathways.. a Western themed shopping village.. I bought a canary from Sandry’s it sits on my shoulder & sings… so cute..

We have some awesome Creators here in Inworldz 😉

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