Bargain Hunters Monthly

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Welcome to the Bargain Hunters 48 Hour Monthly Sale List for JUNE, you will find listed here all the Merchants participating in this months sale.
Happy Shopping 🙂

SALE starts at midnight last day of this month and runs for 48 HOURS until midnight on 2ND OF THE MONTH.

Bad Kitty Region ~ Bad Kitty

Chirpy Chaise – sculpted chaise with a selection of animations for adults
{Sale price 75 izzies}

HeartSong Medieval & Fantasy Supplies Region ~ Dun Ard

Sale Item #1
Dreamcatcher – This is a 3-D prim object, not just a flat texture. Modeled after the one hanging in my RL house.
Copy/no mod/no transfer
75 iz (normally 150)

Sale Item #2
3 Hook Wall Mounted Coat Rack – Stencilled wood with fancy metal details. Also makes a nice plant hanger.
Copy/no mod/no transfer
40 iz (normally 85)

Ro!Act Designs Region ~ CorrAri
Owner: Ariana Monaron
Type of store: texture store

Item on sale: Steampunk Grunge Gear Textures Set 1
Original price: 199Iz
Sale price: 75Iz

Item on sale: Bows Alpha Textures
Original price: 199Iz
Sale price: 75Iz

Item on sale: Bushy Fantasy Tree Branches Alpha Textures
Original price: 199Iz
Sale price: 75Iz

Old Mill Garden gallery Region ~ Mille (174, 140, 38)

From the Old Mill Garden Gallery this month we have on sale 3 small nightstands and thier accompanying decorator items. Touch to open the draws and they are copiable. Priced at 70 izzies each (including the decorator knick knacks) they are a bargain.

Enjoy your bargain hunting shopping!

Hues – art gallery Region ~ Timeless (248, 204, 23)

Hues of Ferrator is proud to offer a monthly bargin of a Bamboo Fountain
The Bamboo Fountain is a beautiful and peaceful addition to either or your home and garden..

Sophia Fashion Region ~ Sophia Fashions (175, 47, 22)

50 Iz!

K Fiorell Region ~ Jewelle, Nemesis (136, 166, 22)
Usual price – Iz 219
Sale price – Iz 75

Button Moon Region ~ Triton (205, 144, 22)

Price: 75Iz

Max Creations~ by Sabrina Region ~ Walden (67, 73, 1501)

Cute halter top with matching side zip mini skirt
– 50 izzies

Dressy is a lovely top and matching slacks for that dressy feeling in us
– 50 izzines

Jinny is a pair of black shorts with a full length top – 50 izzies

Jewelry by Timeless Designs Region ~ Lakeside (60, 61, 27)

We’re going elegant this month – The Pearl Effect in Gold is an elegant and delicate design, perfect for those low cut gowns around InWorldz. Copyable version with resizable script for the perfect fit.
Bargain Hunters price 75
Regular price 350

Deviant Designs Region ~ Deviant Island (118, 127, 22)

Ladies Glasses – Color and texture change fashion glasses
{Sale price 75 izzies}

Fantasia Shoes – Sculpted pumps exclusive for Bargain Hunters
{Sale price 75 izzies}

EBDesign Region ~ Claremont Estates X (115, 43, 22)

Price 75 Iz’s later 500 Iz’s

Price 75 Iz’s later 250 Iz’s

Price 75 Iz’s later 200 Iz’s

JAS FASHIONS Region ~ Phoenix Rising (110, 143, 3503)


VENUS FASHIONS Region ~ Lakeside (140, 62, 22)

For the Boys we have Hair on sale @ $50 izs

For the Girls we have a Lingerie Set on sale @ $75 izs wear as lingerie or mix with shorts or jeans.

Wind River Homes & Furniture Region ~ Dreamwalker (57, 202, 2002)
Aqua Suede Armchair w/ 2 sits (in pillows)
Sale Item price: $75 Iz (reg. $250 Iz)

Teal’s Garden Shop Region ~ Dreamwalker (223, 213, 22)
Trellis with White Roses
Sale Item price: $50 Iz (reg. $250 Iz )

Wolf-Tek for Tinies Region ~ Dreamdancer (161, 216, 23)
Tiny Jellybean Submabean – NOTE : FOR TINY AVATARS ONLY
Sale Item price : I’z$ 75 (regular price I’z$ 550)

* * * *
This concludes our sale for this month, List for next months sale will be sent out at the end of this month.
Thank you for taking part in the sale we hope you picked up some great bargains….. stayed turned for our next Sale List , tell your friends to join the group so they get the sale list and grab themselves a bargain.


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