Lag free Inworldz

I came across these 2 Videos today, made by 2 of the Founders… Ele & Tranq. I have never seen them before, maybe I blinked & missed them? Maybe you did too so here they are. Proof that having over 15k prims or upto 40k prims on your Region.. there is no lag.

Not sure who uploaded this next one, but its deffo Tranq in the vid 😉

Both were done over 2yrs ago I think, but things have improved so much more since then, so if your having issues with lag… check your connection 1st 😉

Since getting my new lappy I haven’t come across any lag at all, but on my old one I found it laggy in Regions that used a lot of Sculpties.

Although I do seem to feel a bit laggy these days on the IW Viewer 1.48 the Beta viewer is fine for me, which is odd

Remember that in Inworldz you can get upto 45k prims on a Region can you just imagine what you could do with all those prims? and Mega prims at that! 128 x 128

A Region costs just $75 per Month with no set up fees, presently

A Mainland Region costs just $60 per Month with no set up fees, presently

You just gotta Love Inworldz! Just find an empty space & hit buy 😉



8 responses to “Lag free Inworldz

  1. Patience is required yes. It’s the end result of years of work. I don’t know if I will go bigger. the next size up from this would be 145,000 prims.

  2. I’m hoping Wizzy keeps pushing it. 😉 In some cases it’s revealing some of the weaker points we can improve upon, but it’s also just really cool to see such creations.

    However, I am definitely seeing some viewer-end effects of so many prims. These are somewhat expected and not related to the “prims slow things down” claims the videos above refute. For example, in the InWorldz 2 viewer, it will certainly slow down your viewer FPS to have shadows enabled and look under Wizzy’s 80K-prim art. The shadow pattern is a tad bit complex for the poor ol’ viewer. I see my frame rate drop to 3-4fps on my tired computer with the somewhat crappy graphics card. Also, it takes longer for your attachments to show up if you log in there. (Not bad, but like 3-5 seconds.)

    However, I am not seeing server-end lag resulting from the extra prims. The server code is pretty efficient now and doesn’t seem to have any cases where Order(N) operations are being performed (e.g. looping through all prims). The only case where that is a problem is again at the viewer end, and the communications with trying to select so many and having to send several selection packets.

    • I don’t understand why they haven’t removed the limitations of prim sizes & allowances. In SL I was always counting the prims in IW I don’t think I have even thought about prims in the 4yrs I have been there. Perhaps its to do with the quality of the servers? I’m not techy so i wouldn’t really know, but even when I had my old lappy I never felt as much lag in IW as I used to feel in SL. I go there now just for my Mesh fix 😉

  3. I have just wasted 2 days in IW on just trying to tp – it is so lagged I’m amazed I can walk, I never thought I would go running back to sl because of the lag somewhere else. A real shame

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