Forum squabbles not representative of Life in Inworldz

For as long as I have been a Resident of Inworldz, some 4+ years now. The Forum has been a daily read for me, good or bad, its my 1st stop of the day. In the beginning hardly anyone posted. I used to just post for the sake of showing any would be visitors that there was life on the grid. Then as we grew & new residents began to post on a daily basis & discussions & debates became a regular occurrence, so too did the squabbles. It is nothing new, all Forums get heated at times. I do not know what happens to some ppl when they are replying to threads, I know in the past I have allowed myself to be drawn in & my temper has gotten the better of me, which isn’t good for anyone. These days I give my Opinion & walk away… I try to not get drawn in to any ongoing squabbles. I often wonder what visitors must be thinking when they see so many locked threads on our Forum, but the thing is… Inworld life is not like it is presented on those Forums.

Most all of the Residents I have come into contact with… inworld.. and there have been many.. are kind, helpful, thoughtful, caring. I log in & a group chat will pop open… no squabbling there… just friendly banter or helpful hints. I can either join in, or just watch it flow as I work.

On the Forum we have those who do seem to like the drama… they ignite it, then inflame it, but Inworld I have yet to see any drama. You go to an event & your with a nice bunch of friendly ppl, some you may not even know and its just wonderful to see everyone enjoying our world.

I wouldn’t like to see the General Forum closed permanently & sometimes I question the reasons for a thread being locked, especially when a new one usually opens to continue on with the debate. Personally I would like to see Moderators handling the Forums… taking away the burden from the Founders… who.. lets be Honest here… cannot win whatever they do.

People want to have their say … and some like to Force their Opinions.. at any cost.. Let us just Hope that the cost is not to have our General Forums at all… that would be a sad loss

If you are reading this & have been reading the Forums & thinking wtf I am not going to join that grid…. Just remember what I have said… Life Inworld is so much better… You won’t be disappointed

See you Inworld
Rosa 😉

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