Vanishing Acts!

I really, really dislike it when Regions your renting on just up & disappear without a word! I know at times things can get tough & an Owner may have to pull out because of RL Financial worries, but surely, a courtesy call to those who have supported that region by renting on it for months or even years, is not too much to ask… is it?

I have been a resident in IW for almost 5yrs, since its beginnings & I have seen lots of ppl come & go. I have been bitten so many times now that I have lost count. It made me very wary of where I choose to rent a store, I mainly only rent at places that have been around for a very long time, but even then you can get bitten! Another Region, an old one of about 3yrs, has just vanished… not a word to anyone renting there… just gone!

Shopping Regions are popping up all of the time… There are more shopping Regions than there are consumers, so the Competition is high. Just because you build it & perhaps fill it with a few merchants doesn’t mean the ppl will shop there… You have to promote it. You have to get your Mall known & keep it in the minds of those consumers.

It isn’t up to the Merchants who rent on your Region or parcel, to advertise your Mall for you!

and it isn’t right for You to pull the plug, without a word & leave those Merchants hanging

Rant over!
Rosa 😉


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