I haven’t really felt like being inworld much over the last couple of Months, only really logged in to pay rentals or welcome new tennants. I had been in an outfit I began creating at the beginning February & hadn’t really finished, I just lost heart in things for a while. It is coming up to my 5th Rez day in Inworldz, that is longer than I was ever in Secondlife!

This week though I made a determined effort to get some work done, but I still didn’t feel like finishing that new outfit, as I still have a lot of items with the old GJCR code I decided to work on rebranding instead & had just finished & put out something when I saw a posting in the Forum about Model Bots, so I grabbed me one of those, as wolf was giving them away free, I then spent a few hours playing around with them & it was fun!

Though we have now been asked to not rez them as they need to fix some bugs!

Inworldz has grown so much from its humble beginnings, when we didn’t even have prim hair! I have never viewed Inworldz as an alternative to secondlife, to me the 2 worlds are very different. I can honestly say that I have never had the problems in IW that I had in SL & any problems that I or others have had have been seen too asap by the Founders.

Go Inworldz!

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