New Paths…

Well after having decided to leave the virtual worlds behind me, completely, I then decided to keep a store open. The main store will now be on Emsland, because I rent the parcel so can name it. I also have some free stores that I have had for a very long time, so those will remain until such time as the regions owners decide otherwise. I will not, however, be creating anything new for the foreseeable future.

My Creative talents are now going elsewhere… I have begun to write once more, but even here I have changed paths by leaving behind the erotic genre & moving into a more contemporary genre. I publish on Kindle & have had my books available there for about 2yrs for which I still receive royalties. I believe that I have had a lot of interest in my books coming from the grid as I have my books set out there, which lead to where you can buy them on kindle, so I will most probably be leaving those set up at my Store.

I have received a lot of good wishes from People on the grid, which I appreciate greatly, more than words can say.

I am busily preparing for my Holiday with my sister… Getting my passport renewed… sorting out clothes to take with me… you get the picture 😉

As for InWorldz… Having been there almost from the beginning I can honestly say that I have loved all of it. I never made any money for myself, I cashed out, yes, but that went straight back to the grid in my tier payment. I have seen many changes on the grid, most I have liked, some I have not liked. I do believe it will go from strength to strength & one day will be the grid that overshadows all others.

I wish the grid, its founders, its workers & its residents the very best for the future

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