Taking the plunge… Once more

Well after my last post, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about my Fave VW InWorldz. I got myself 6months out this time! lol

So today I have again purchased a 2×2 deal, and I now await the set up. All will be used for my Creations I will not be taking on any building projects, just keeping things simple & more manageable for me.

There is a lot that I would like to do with them, but cannot, dare not… for fear my hands won’t cope 😦

This time around I want to get back into being sociable. I have spent too many years stuck on my platform alone. When I 1st came to IW I was always about, we were very small then, but were a great community. So it is my plan to visit more, chat more with friends, attend events & stop being a hermit! lol

I did a bit of sim hopping in IW yesterday, found some lovely builds. We have some really wonderful creators in IW

It is great to be back!

Rosa 😉

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