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PostPosted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:02 pm
InWorldz Founder
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There are a few things needing to be addressed in regards to InWorldz Desert Island and what it’s for, and what it’s not.

The InWorldz Desert Island is the first welcome area all new residents hit. So we need to have some standards of what can and can’t be done there, I will try to cover them all as best as I can, Legion or Tranq may add as they see fit.

1. As covered in another thread, IDI is not an RP area. All residents, are welcome there, whether vampire, furrie, dom/sub, insane aliens, whatever you are, you are welcome on IDI. The RP aspect is not desired on there… no sucking people’s blood, no brain transplants to alleviate insanity, so on.

2. Mentors are there to guide the new people through their first experience in our world. Getting them familiarized with where things are, where landmarks are so they can explore and so on. Many things can convolute this experience, and so we’ll outline what we do not wish to see happening on the IDI in this regard:

a. Those who are not mentors, and are not there to greet a friend coming in, please feel free to sit in the coffee shop area and chat, however, IDI does not exist to sell one’s wares, or services, and this behavior can mess things up for our mentors and confuse the new person. IDI is not the place for advertising, we already allow that with the lm’s and the gifts that you provide our new people.

[edit by tranq] Using IDI as a living advertisement will not be tolerated. Everyone that sells should have a fair chance so keep your advertisements with your freebies.

b. Mentors, all wear a tag, InWorldz Mentor, and they are the official volunteers of InWorldz. Please respect that and let them do what they need to do. If you are not a mentor, don’t intercede. They are very good and efficient at what they do.

c. Mentors, while excellent sources of information, are not technical support, please do not put them in that roll. They do keep track of various news we put out such as grid restarts and so on, but they have no access to technical support other than to get ahold of one of the Founders directly.

d. If a Mentor asks you to change your tag (IDI is PG remember), please respect that they are asking on our behalf.

e. If a Mentor asks you to respect any part of our PG rating, please do. They are concerned with their duties as a mentor and have a vested interest in making sure IDI stays cleaned and adheres to what we, the Founders, have set up.

Mentors, should they have any issues with the above, have the right to let the Founders know so the situation can be dealt with. Please remember everyone, we’ve had a huge amount of growth, and we would like to keep IDI as welcoming and friendly as possible. So let’s work together to make sure each new resident has the best experience possible!

Thanks everyone for all your hard work!

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