Land Rentals

If you are a Landlord wanting to see your Region placed here.. send me a notecard, inworld with info & pics & I will place it for you


Latest Full Sim Rentals from Calia Estates


Another Option is Calia Estates a lot more expensive, but she does have some awesome looking Sims!


Calia Estates is a well established real estate company since May 2010.
It owns sims in the Magellan Sea area where owners will enjoy sailable water as well as stand alone sims

All land sale renting / sales activities are centralized at the Estate office at Calia
You can find there :
– all sims displayed
– updated availabilities, prices and LMs
– direct grid teleporter to each sim
– rent / tier boxes

The office has now 2 floors:
– First floor : all regions outside of Magellan
– Second floor : all regions within Magellan

Today, Calia Estates owns 63 sims :
– 22 sims in the tropical zone of Magellan sea
– 10 sims in the temperate zone of Magellan sea
– 31 stand alone regions (one adult sim)
(4 are devoted to my main store – Calia, Calia II, Calia III and Calia IV)

OUR PRICES ARE VERY GOOD AND FAIR, especially considering that low prim water sims in the Magellan Sea Area will be bought when available and included at no extra cost.

We also offer fully furnished bungalows for rent at Bora Bora which is a good way for newcomers to get comfortably used to this new environment.

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