Commercial Rentals

FOR RENT – 1 FULL REGION 12,000 PRIMS $21.25 per Month PAYPAL (contact me for payment details)

OR – 12,000 Izzies 4 wkly by rent box system. Buy the land at 12,000 Izzies 1st & I will set up a box to be paid weekly @ 3,000 I’z I will then add you as an Estate Manager so you have more rights on the land.

Britannia East



This sim is a rare opportunity since it is located to the edge of the InWorldz straits with no covenant and estate rights.
You can even use the ban lines while enjoying sailable waters. Only your own rules apply there.
It is fully landscaped and you can use, move or return any landscaping items. Of course you can terraform and decorate it to your wishes if you so desire.

Don’t miss the visit:


New Shopping Parade… adjacent to my Main Store

Parcels start at 96 I’z per week. Different sized parcels to suit your pocket. Pay the rent box, buy the land & then you can name the parcel however you like, but remember this is for Commercial purposes only

Finchley Shopping Parade

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