Last Post… Goodbye #InWorldz

Gone but never forgotten…

There has been a lot of hurt, anger & upset over this week since InWorldz Founder Beth Reischl made the announcement that InWorldz was to close Friday 27th 2018. I was there at the very beginning & I remained there until the bitter end. I have mixed emotions about what actually happened & I am uncertain about everything. However the last 24 hours before it finally closed renewed the respect I once had for the woman who started it all over 9yrs ago. Love her or hate her, Elenia Llewellyn (Beths Avatar name) did everything that she could do to save every bit of content on every single Region & save the OAR’s for the future. Watching that process restored my faith & admiration in Ele & her team. She could have just let it close & walk away, others have done so, but she didn’t! Almost 1000 Oar’s in 48hrs taken by Ele, Mai, Shawn & Jim Tarber.

InWorldz is gone, but I have faith that a better world will emerge… Old friendships have been restored & live on.

See you in the new world!

Last views….

Last Hours & Moments…


Old snaps from the early days

#inworldz Thumbs Up for RP Tuition @ IDI

Last night I decided to go have a looksie at the RP Tuition held on IDI, RP is something I have been interested in doing for a long time & with the Focus now on RP in Inworldz.. there is no better time to learn




RP Classes are held at IDI (Inworldz Desert Island) every Monday @ 1pm IWT (9pm GMT)

You can read the latest on the new RP Hub here & here

See you InWorldz 😉

New IDI Up & Running ;)

The New Inworldz Desert Island is now up & running & what a pleasure it was to tp over there & not be faced with lag… It’s peaceful, inviting & has all a New resident will need. Freebies still need setting up, as do the information boards, but it has such a good feel to it..

The only real gripe I have, and its a very small gripe… are the poseballs on the chairs… so last century in VW terms, but I am sure that could be a quick fix 😉

Well Done to those who built the new IDI & all the other Welcome Regions

Rosa 😉