Bohemia Colony

An Adult Colony for an Adult Grid!

The Proposal put forth by long term Resident Rosie Lavochkin has been a hit with Inworldz Residents & if I had a private Region I would be joining them. As it is I have a Mainland Region, strictly PG as is all of the Inworldz Mainland & Sponsored Regions. Yet we have the official word here… Inworldz IS an ADULT Grid & Always has been.

The fact that we do have many PG Regions means nothing. We are all ADULTS in Inworldz…. here is the Bohemia Charter

The Charter for “Bohemia”

The Colony to be known as “Bohemia” within the VR grid known as Inworldz is an intentional community of privately owned adult and mature rated regions, set up by its members to provide a contiguous continent that is navigable by land, air and waterways and be generally open to visitors.

The Bohemia Colony welcomes within it artistic, commercial, role play and residential regions of any adult/mature rating/theme or genre who wish to be a part of a community of like minded, free living adults who agree to the following terms:

1. All regions must be mature or adult rated and generally kept open to other residents of Bohemia and undertake to maintain navigable pathways across their regions for other visitors who, by entering Bohemia, will be deemed to accept that they are entering a continent of Inworldz where uncensored but legal content of an adult nature may be encountered, witnessed or experienced.

2. The content owners and providers within Bohemia will not under any circumstances be held responsible for the well being of any registered avatar who turns out to be a minor who has encountered adult content in Bohemia and will not be liable in law for any behaviours that avatar may experience by having entered Bohemia by their own free will.

3. Regions within Bohemia may elect to restrict access to their private lands on the basis of e.g. gender, age, sexual orientation, religion/spiritual belief or any other definition they deem fit without censure, which is allowed (or not disallowed) by law and complies with the TOS of Inworldz… provided they comply with the requirement to provide a clear method of notification of such restriction and a clear pathway through their region to maintain the contiguous nature of the continent.

4. Private regions who do not wish to be situated directly adjacent to other private regions who may be providing content of a more extreme nature they are uncomfortable with, must make their own protective provision to provide and pay for a scenic sim as a buffer zone to protect themselves from visually witnessing the adult behaviours of others and this scenic sim must also allow for the unrestricted passage of residents/visitors.

5. Regions situated in Bohemia may create any sort of artistic/residential/roleplay/themed and/or commercial content (other than ad farms) on ground level but to preserve navigable air space must restrict construction on platforms to above 1000 metres.

6. Ban lines will generally not be allowed in Bohemia although residents may restrict access to parcels for short periods if privacy is required. Privacy should NOT extend over the entire region so region owners will be required to ensure that the pathways designated for public access are parcelled off and kept open at all times.

7. A management group will be properly elected from the owners and residents of regions situated within Bohemia to deal with any contraventions/disputes that arise from disagreements relating to the core requirements of the charter as set out above. The working rules of the Management group will be set out separately.

If you have a private region marked ADULT & You would like to become part of Bohemia just have your Regions moved to the area around these 2 locations

Elusive Inspiration

Starlight Bay

Bye for now
Rosa 😉


Lag free Inworldz

I came across these 2 Videos today, made by 2 of the Founders… Ele & Tranq. I have never seen them before, maybe I blinked & missed them? Maybe you did too so here they are. Proof that having over 15k prims or upto 40k prims on your Region.. there is no lag.

Not sure who uploaded this next one, but its deffo Tranq in the vid 😉

Both were done over 2yrs ago I think, but things have improved so much more since then, so if your having issues with lag… check your connection 1st 😉

Since getting my new lappy I haven’t come across any lag at all, but on my old one I found it laggy in Regions that used a lot of Sculpties.

Although I do seem to feel a bit laggy these days on the IW Viewer 1.48 the Beta viewer is fine for me, which is odd

Remember that in Inworldz you can get upto 45k prims on a Region can you just imagine what you could do with all those prims? and Mega prims at that! 128 x 128

A Region costs just $75 per Month with no set up fees, presently

A Mainland Region costs just $60 per Month with no set up fees, presently

You just gotta Love Inworldz! Just find an empty space & hit buy 😉