Appliers… What an Effing Headache!! #InWorldz

OK Since I left SL back in o9 when I 1st found #InWorldz, I sort of missed that whole applier thing & the Mesh clothing thing etc etc. I read recently in the IW Forums that we now have some Mesh Bodies (WTF for I do not know *rolls eyes) Anyway I read one Merchants comment about Appliers & how she had seen a significant rise in her sales since she started using them. So I thought perhaps it is time that I started using appliers too for my system clothing. Why, oh why did I have that thought! So I started looking into it more, I grabbed a kit & a demo of the body… well that’s no good as it doesn’t work with the demo! Which means I would have to buy the bloody body myself costing 3000 I’z… but I will never wear it… it is purely for me to see how my layers sit on it gggrrrsss

I can’t even see the body unless I am on the v3, creating clothing on the v3 is just a non starter, I use the v2, but on the v2 all I see when I wear the body is distorted… very distorted Mesh when I wear the body. Then I would have to repackage all of my outfits so I can include the applier, this is after I have found all of the clothing textures & put the UUID’s for each outfit into an applier… and then… redo my posters so that ppl can see that they have the appliers! Shoot me now!!

The longer I put this off, the more work I will have to do later on…

Wish me Luck!

Rosa 😉


The Freebie Ring #InWorldz

A few years ago, after the freebies were removed from IDI (welcome center), Wolf-Tek created the Freebie Ring. I have always used it dotted around my region & it has brought lots of residents in to it. However there are only a handful of Merchants/land owners actually using it. Considering that the main cry by most in IW is that there are no people about, or ‘no one ever comes to my region’ it really surprises me that there are not more using this vital FREE tool for bringing residents to your Region. It is so easy to set up & use, there is a website where Residents can look to see where the freebies are & what is on offer, or they can just use the inworld ring to jump from one to the other.

Rosa 😉

Bargain Hunters Monthly Sale ~ August 1st & 2nd

Welcome to the Bargain Hunters 48 Hour Monthly Sale List for AUGUST, you will find listed here all the Merchants participating in this months sale.
Happy Shopping 🙂

SALE starts at midnight last day of this month and runs for 48 HOURS until midnight on 2ND OF THE MONTH.

1. Sophia Fashion

2. Chrisje Tattoos, jeans & art

3. Jewelry by Timeless Designs
4. Timeless Textures Main Store

5. Ro!Act Designs

6, Hues – art gallery

7. Button Moon
8. Rose Petal Creations

9. Miyoko Cruiz

10. EBDesign for Builders & Creators
11. EBDesign for Consumers

12. Wind River Homes & Furniture

13. Teal’s Garden Shop – Outdoor Decor

* * * *
This concludes our sale for this month, List for next months sale will be sent out at the end of this month.
Thank you for taking part in the sale we hope you picked up some great bargains….. stayed turned for our next Sale List , tell you friends to join the group so they get the sale list and grab themselves a bargain.

Out & About shopping in Inworldz!

I have been getting around the grid since having my new laptop, which is awesome I have to say :p

Here are a few places recently Visited…

Clare Island home of Posh Togs!

Clare Island home of Posh Togs!

LovELY Design Region

LovELY Design Region

LovELY Design Region

LovELY Design Region

Trafalgar Square at Planet London

Trafalgar Square at Planet London

Builders mecca Region

Builders mecca Region

Lots of Creators can be found, if you just look… Some I have never heard of before.

Clare Island ~ Eirinn Home of Posh togs & a few other Creators… Matahari style I am waiting on a store there myself as its so cute! Love the shops!

Lovely Design have some wonderful Period Furniture & at good prices too, not over the top as i have seen in other places. Its also the home of Twisted Thorn Textures... lots of textures here if your looking, again at good prices.

Trafalgar Square at Planet London has always been a fave of mine, it does really feel like London! I came across a few new merchants here I had not heard of before & I purchased some nice clothes too 😉
.:The BEO toggery:. & ULTRAJE Fashion. I think both are by the same Creator as one is called Pamela Easton & the other Pamella Easton.
Blushed Creations ~ Llola Lane Designs ~ Elonde & Pulchitrude & of course, Sade Trafalgar Lingerie

Builders Mecca You can find lots of sculpties, textures, scripts, animations, prims, anything you need for your builds
I picked up a nice gift from Katy’s Creations

More to come as I travel
Rosa 😉