Viewer Nightmare… #InWorldz

I cannot say that I am comfortable on any viewer at the moment, I keep skipping between IWV2 & IWV3 & the latest firestorm… none of them feel comfortable. I tried the latest Alchemy Viewer as I heard that was the one now being used for all future IW Viewers… erm WHY???? Its like stepping back in time! No built in AO, can’t back up, can’t find nothing, certainly can’t build on it… if that is the future path for all Inworldz Viewers, well I guess I have to stop using InWorldz viewers.

I have started saving back some of my gardening features as primomesh, because none of the V3’s seem able to rez some of the maps, they rez the default, which is pants! I am aware though that not every resident of IW can use a V3, I couldn’t until I got my new laptop, so I don’t want to turn everything Mesh, I will have to find a happy medium 😉

I haven’t tried the texture thingy that everyone has been raving about, I did try to texture something yesterday using firestorm & i was like wtf! I couldn’t flip it, I could see no way of flipping, the flipping the texture :p So I logged in on a V2 & fixed it!

I don’t understand why all the shaders in all of the v2’s are now greyed out so that I cannot apply them, I know I used them on my old lappy


Mesh Tree & Field, next to Sculpted version on a V3


Vendors… Multi or old style? #InWorldz

For years I used the 1 prim old style vendors for selling my wares, then about 2yrs ago I went to multi vendors really only for the gifting & discount options that you can offer to customers. I was out shopping a few days ago & had not really noticed this about myself before, but I really only purchase items from 1 prim, old style vendors myself. So it got me thinking (which is often a bad thing lol). I do not like to stand in front of a multi vendor flipping through to find something that I like, sometimes having to wait a while for the photo’s to rez in, so what makes me think that my customers do?

So for the past few days I have built a new store which I am now filling with old style 1 prim vendors, its hard work, I had forgotten that lol. But I am also having the multi vendors around for those who prefer them. It is going to take me a while before I can launch the new store, so my old one is still up & fully stocked with multi vendors filled to the prims with all of my creations 😉

I like how I can display my items in one prim. I like how I can make the store more user friendly with 1 prim vendors. My multi vendors are great… but no matter how I lay them out, you still have to wait a bit for the next page to show the photo’s


Current Store


New layout

The Enjoyment of Building in #InWorldz

I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed Building, I am currently building up my 3 new sims having taken the 2×2 deal 😉

Google Map has become my very best friend, a godsend for the textures I needed to create. I am almost ready to reveal the 1st part of my Build, just a few more things to finish off & it will be ready, perhaps not till after my RL Holiday in July… I am off to Gran Canaria for 10 days! I am going with my middle daughter & her family, so exciting! 😀

Later in the year I hope to be visiting the country, that I love with a passion & those parts of that country that I am trying to Construct in 3D

I build in prims & convert to Mesh to keep the prim usage down, thanks to Benski I have discovered just how easy that is to do. I am also trying to attempt some builds in SketchUp, again I owe my thanks to Benski & his tuts 😉

Life is very good for me right now… I am Happy… I am Content… I look to the future with Enthusiasm

Lag free Inworldz

I came across these 2 Videos today, made by 2 of the Founders… Ele & Tranq. I have never seen them before, maybe I blinked & missed them? Maybe you did too so here they are. Proof that having over 15k prims or upto 40k prims on your Region.. there is no lag.

Not sure who uploaded this next one, but its deffo Tranq in the vid 😉

Both were done over 2yrs ago I think, but things have improved so much more since then, so if your having issues with lag… check your connection 1st 😉

Since getting my new lappy I haven’t come across any lag at all, but on my old one I found it laggy in Regions that used a lot of Sculpties.

Although I do seem to feel a bit laggy these days on the IW Viewer 1.48 the Beta viewer is fine for me, which is odd

Remember that in Inworldz you can get upto 45k prims on a Region can you just imagine what you could do with all those prims? and Mega prims at that! 128 x 128

A Region costs just $75 per Month with no set up fees, presently

A Mainland Region costs just $60 per Month with no set up fees, presently

You just gotta Love Inworldz! Just find an empty space & hit buy 😉


Meshing About!

I was inworld this morning making up a new outfit & chatting in one of the groups & the chat got around to Mesh clothing in SL… now Mesh is something I have been wanting to learn, but apart from dl’ing a program for it I haven’t done much about learning… yet! With talking about it today, I remembered a demo Mesh dress i picked up from my fave SL Designer Rebel Hope last year, but was unable to view it because of my old laptop. So I logged out of IW & logged into SL… after I had to get my pass because I didn’t have it stored on my new lappy :p

I went straight to my inventory & put on the Mesh demo I had in there…. WOW!!! Now this was something I liked, so I hopped skipped over to RH’s store & went crazy trying on all the Mesh demos lol



Trying on all the different dresses & having to wear the Alphas that went with them though soon made me see that Mesh, would look Fantastic if you wore the same shape as the Creator… if your not then it can look a little ‘off’. I only wear a cheap shape & skin in SL because its a new avatar & I don’t want to have to upload everything… would cost me a small fortune.. and I rarely go there anyway so it isn’t worth it. I noticed the mesh dresses come in different sizes, but even then some of them didnt fit right on my avi… I always have big boobs on my avi coz I have them in RL & big boobs really dont fit into these mesh dresses… if you wear the largest, then it bags out at the back & looks awful. I wore the medium & most looked ok, but as you can see from my pics… those boobies just ain’t fully covered!

Mesh will be coming to IW Soon(tm) I really like the concept & the possibilities are endless, however I do believe there will always be a Market for layers & prims…

Now where did I see that Mesh tutorial?….

Bye for now
Rosa 😉