The Freebie Ring #InWorldz

A few years ago, after the freebies were removed from IDI (welcome center), Wolf-Tek created the Freebie Ring. I have always used it dotted around my region & it has brought lots of residents in to it. However there are only a handful of Merchants/land owners actually using it. Considering that the main cry by most in IW is that there are no people about, or ‘no one ever comes to my region’ it really surprises me that there are not more using this vital FREE tool for bringing residents to your Region. It is so easy to set up & use, there is a website where Residents can look to see where the freebies are & what is on offer, or they can just use the inworld ring to jump from one to the other.

Rosa 😉


A Thriving Community!

A few weeks ago, tired of all the Drama on the Forums, I decided to stop posting to any of the discussion threads. A few things had sickened me… 1stly that idiotic Nazi debate in which some residents even went so far as to form a petition, shortly after that I watched, again disgusted, as a Long term resident, was lambasted for trying to create an informational Blog. Thankfully he went ahead with his idea & you can find that link under the handy links 😉 I also relented & posted in some forum discussions 😉

You hear all of the time of how new residents coming over from SL do not feel welcomed. I find that hard to believe as despite all the drama that gets witnessed on the forums, the community as a whole is very welcoming to all. Though I have to say that any Merchants coming over from SL need to come here as though they are Brand New, which means they need to advertise & participate & not just expect that their name alone will sell their goods. It doesn’t work that way in InWorldz. Most of us support those who are active within the grid, your name won’t mean diddly squat to me if I am not seeing any advertising. I left SL over 5yrs ago, so most of those coming now I have never heard of.

You need to get involved with things going on, I don’t mean go to every event. I & most creators are stuck on their platforms & do not socialise, that is not why I am here.. I am here to create, but what I do, do, is advertise, I get involved with other things like the Brilliant #Hashtag #InWorldz Twitter campaign.

Now I say the community is thriving because it is & if you really want to see how a community pulls together then just view what occurred when a long time resident put out a plea for some RL help

Hard to believe that a few of those same residents actually sickened me a few weeks before with their antics on the Forums

I think sometimes people just do not think before they post, or perhaps their nationality makes it harder for them to put into words what they are trying to say so that they come across as being aggressive…

The Truth is… The InWorldz Community is probably one of the best around & I am glad to be a part of it

See you around the grid, if I ever get off my platform that is 😉

New IDI Up & Running ;)

The New Inworldz Desert Island is now up & running & what a pleasure it was to tp over there & not be faced with lag… It’s peaceful, inviting & has all a New resident will need. Freebies still need setting up, as do the information boards, but it has such a good feel to it..

The only real gripe I have, and its a very small gripe… are the poseballs on the chairs… so last century in VW terms, but I am sure that could be a quick fix 😉

Well Done to those who built the new IDI & all the other Welcome Regions

Rosa 😉

You CAN Find it in Inworldz!

A recent posting in the Forum got me thinking…
[quote] I came into IW one year ago and upon returning. Not much has changed except
there are less people now.
I left before because of a few reasons.
1. No decent hair for men. I know, You probably think that is stupid. Well its not.
2. Alot of false advertising. Example: Texture packs. For a high price you can buy the same texture over and over. The creators of these packs make it look like your getting different kinds in the packs. but its pretty much the same texture with different colors.
3. Cloths for men. Come on, Why cant anyone build decent cloths for men?
4. Not much animated stuff and upon return, No improvements.
5. Alot of deception. I met some really nice people in IW but I also met alot of people trying to deceive and trick me.
6. Something good here. The land owners are wonderful. Very helpful and generous.
7. Great Music in the events. Truly excellent.
Over all. I do not feel encouraged to hang out in IW much.
And even tho I bought 2 parcels of land. I am not sure Ill be in much. Bye[/quote]

If residents are truly leaving, as suggested in the OP of this thread because of a lack of Content then they really haven’t looked far…

This is just a Taste of what you CAN Find in Inworldz if you look..

Hair… & Mens Clothing… Well I sell Mens clothing myself & I sell some Hair

Damselfly ~ Deviant, EMO-tions, & Hot Heads are just 4 there are a lot more.

Mens Clothing…

These are just 2 there are many more.. Hawkes, stella

We Have some Excellent Malls filled with many fine Creators Bellissima, Matahari, Rhapsody, Mimi’s Choice

Animations: Abranimations has been here for a few years now, along with Animation Station & a whole lot more, too many to mention… just do a search in classifieds

Texture Makers… There are countless, I have no idea where this resident was looking, but they didnt look far enough imo

I can count on a couple of fingers the amount of ppl I have met in my 4yrs in Inworldz, who have tried to deceive me… I met zillions in SL & I was only there for 3yrs

You want to see ppl? Just look at the map…

Inworldz Map photo by balpien hammerer
Inworldz Map photo by balpien hammerer

I have watched this world grow from nothing to what it is today…… 75000 & counting!

Go Inworldz!