I haven’t really felt like being inworld much over the last couple of Months, only really logged in to pay rentals or welcome new tennants. I had been in an outfit I began creating at the beginning February & hadn’t really finished, I just lost heart in things for a while. It is coming up to my 5th Rez day in Inworldz, that is longer than I was ever in Secondlife!

This week though I made a determined effort to get some work done, but I still didn’t feel like finishing that new outfit, as I still have a lot of items with the old GJCR code I decided to work on rebranding instead & had just finished & put out something when I saw a posting in the Forum about Model Bots, so I grabbed me one of those, as wolf was giving them away free, I then spent a few hours playing around with them & it was fun!

Though we have now been asked to not rez them as they need to fix some bugs!

Inworldz has grown so much from its humble beginnings, when we didn’t even have prim hair! I have never viewed Inworldz as an alternative to secondlife, to me the 2 worlds are very different. I can honestly say that I have never had the problems in IW that I had in SL & any problems that I or others have had have been seen too asap by the Founders.

Go Inworldz!

IW5 – Celebrating 5 Years Of InWorldz!

IW5 – Celebrating 5 Years Of InWorldz! Gathering Participants

We are about to have a very BIG BIRTHDAY here at InWorldz and so, we will be celebrating in a VERY BIG WAY!

We will be having a celebration at the IW Events sims from March 16th Through April 2nd 2014. The area entails 21 sims, though 6 of those are water sims intended to minimize lag. We are spreading this far and taking great measures to ensure minimal lag. We ask all participants to help us as well by minimizing scripts.

Of the 21 Sims- 15 will be showcasing some aspects of InWorldz you may not see in your daily lives here. Features like Roleplay from light to dark, Fantasy oceanscape with mer and pirate roleplay, gypsy camp where all are welcome to dance by the fire, the Tinyville sim where tiny, petites and furries can give you a glimpse into their worlds, Dreamscape- a Dreamlike fantasy landscape you may never want to leave, An entire sim dedicated to Visual Arts, A sim for Music – our Main Stage, one to Fashion with Fashion Shows by 3 major Agencies of InWorldz, 4 Contests sims- details below, A sim representing the adult communities of IW, and finally, A Merchant sim for shopping that will knock your socks off- but don’t worry you can but new ones there!

Below please find instructions on how to be a part of IW5!

A Breakdown of IW5 – Sim By Sim

Sim 1 Fashion
- Fashion Shows & Runway, Fashion Shops
There will be THREE fashion shows on this sim showcasing the works of many great designers throughout the grid!

Participating Modeling agencies are
InStylez Modeling Agency – Represented by CEO Raven Dulce
New York Modeling Agency – Represented by CEO Martin Glom
DMMR Modeling Agency – Represented by CEO Rose Walker

Sim 2 Contests
there are several contests here at IW5 and this is our contest HQ & Awards Stage. We will be holding A Hunt & the following contests:
An IW5 Logo Contest (in progress til Jan 31)
A Cake Making Contest for IW5 Official Birthday Cake,
A Crazy Party Hat Contest
A Crazy Vehicle Contest,
And 3 major Build contests:
Fantasy Builds,
Home Builds,
& Business Builds

*Major Build contests will require that you have been a resident of InWorldz for 1 year.

Sim 3- The Major Builds Contest – Fantasy Builds
Sim 4- The Major Builds Contest – Home Builds
Sim 5- The Major Builds Contest – Business Builds

More details to follow with entry and prize information- look for announcements in the InWorldz Events Committee Group – Enrollment is open & free and being in the group ensures that you are posted on the latest details of IW Events.

Sim 6 – Oceanscape – Mature / RP Content
A fantasy Oceanscape filled with RP from Mer-folk to Pirates
RP Permitted on this sim

Sim 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14 – Water sims ( mainly places to reduce lag)

Sim 10 Dreamscape
A fantasy landscape that you may never want to leave!

Sim 11 – Visual Arts
A sim to celebrate the works of participating individual artists throughout the InWorldz Grid and – wow- there are so many!
There will also be an area where you can learn about Public Art Groups throughout the grid.
This sim features a main Gallery and surrounding art park- you may even catch some visual performance art here as well!

Sim 15 Main Stage- A World Of Music!
Or main stage for musical performances, Live Performers & DJs
Additionally visit music around OUR world, a huge resource of music venues, clubs and performance stages throughout the inWorldz Grid!

Sim 16 – Gypsies Of InWorldz – Mature / RP Content
The Gypsies of InWorldz is one of the largest Roleplay groups on the grid! Come explore their world and be carefree, dance by the fire, hitch up a vardo and meet fellow travelers! You might even catch a live performer there! Gypsy RP attire will fit in best there and can be found in stores all over the IW Grid!

Sim 17 Roleplay – Shadow – Mature / RP Content
The Darker side or Roleplay lurks within this sim, from Vampires to trolls to village storming Dragons- enter if you dare, roleplay and combat permitted

Sim 18 Roleplay – Light – Mature / RP Content
The Lighter side of Roleplay – Elven, Fae and more Roleplay is permitted here so be warned, you may walk into an orc slaying if one happens to sneak in from sim 17!

Sim 19 Tinyville
A sim for some our cute fun and furry friends in IW from Tinies to teeny and petite avatars to furries- all are welcome to give us a glimpse into their world!

Sim 20 Merchant Mall
Merchants of InWorldz (Non fashion as there is a fashion only sim) Selling a wide variety of their creations! Come shop till you drop!

Sim 21 Adult Community – Mature Content
A soft glimpse into the many facets of the Adult Communities of InWorldz. Learn about adult Themed Activities happening at The Adult HUB, Bohemia and more from galleries to clubs.

Those wishing a free shop please send a notecard and store logo to Keith Monk. Please Specify General or Fashion mall. Shops are first come, first serve.

For MAJOR BUILDS contests you must be a 1 year or more resident of InWorldz. Please send a notecard to me, EventsCoordinator InWorldz if you wish to participate in the contests. 1 Category per builder please- and pick a category- Fantasy, Home Or Business. 10K Izzies to the winners, trophies to top 3 in EACH category.
For the other contests, – the cake contest, crazy birthday hats, and crazy vehicles, please send a notecard to me, EventsCoordinator InWordz via notecard. I will get back to you ASAP. Or forward to the project leader.

Live Performers & DJs- please contact Astoria Luminos to book a performance on our live stage. The calendar link is in my profile picks. ALL PERFORMERS ON ANY SIMS MUST BOOK THROUGH HERE SO PERFORMANCES DO NOT OVERLAP

Please contact Midnightrain Glas to book hosting slots

If you are a visual artist or a public group of the arts wanting to leave a kiosk telling about your group, please contact Rhiannon McKenna.

Your contact to be part of the Roleplay sims is Jillian Newie- send her a notecard and let her know what aspect of RP you want to be involved with such as builds, scenery, combat, genres- any info you can give in that notecard is helpful.

Contact Taika Wirsing to be a part of Oceanscape.

To be a part of the adult community sim, contact Nickola Martynov.

To be a part of the Dreamscape- fantasy Landscaping Project contact me, EventsCoordinator InWordz via notecard. I will get back to you ASAP. Or forward to the project leader.

Contact Cracker Taggart after Feb 12th to be a part of Gypsy camp or perform there.

To be a part of TINYVILLE- A place for Tinies, Teenies, Petites 7 Furries – Please contact me, EventsCoordinator InWordz via notecard. I will get back to you ASAP Or forward to the project leader.

To be a part of any of the 3 fashion shows, contact any of the 3 Agency representatives:
Raven Dulce, Martin Glom or Rose Walker.
There is an entry fee involved . All participating Designers will get a sales kiosk at the runway.

More info on shops, contests, fashion shows and other events coming soon!
Feel free to look in my groups to find InWorldz Events Committee
I hope to see you all there!
Eve / EC / EventsCoordinator InWorldz

Eve/EC/EventsCoordinator InWorldz

If you are interrested in finding out information or applying to join in upcoming InWorldz Sponsored Events, Please feel free to drop a notecard in my profile.

Thank you- EventsCoordinator InWorldz

Vanishing Acts!

I really, really dislike it when Regions your renting on just up & disappear without a word! I know at times things can get tough & an Owner may have to pull out because of RL Financial worries, but surely, a courtesy call to those who have supported that region by renting on it for months or even years, is not too much to ask… is it?

I have been a resident in IW for almost 5yrs, since its beginnings & I have seen lots of ppl come & go. I have been bitten so many times now that I have lost count. It made me very wary of where I choose to rent a store, I mainly only rent at places that have been around for a very long time, but even then you can get bitten! Another Region, an old one of about 3yrs, has just vanished… not a word to anyone renting there… just gone!

Shopping Regions are popping up all of the time… There are more shopping Regions than there are consumers, so the Competition is high. Just because you build it & perhaps fill it with a few merchants doesn’t mean the ppl will shop there… You have to promote it. You have to get your Mall known & keep it in the minds of those consumers.

It isn’t up to the Merchants who rent on your Region or parcel, to advertise your Mall for you!

and it isn’t right for You to pull the plug, without a word & leave those Merchants hanging

Rant over!
Rosa ;)

Bohemia Colony

An Adult Colony for an Adult Grid!

The Proposal put forth by long term Resident Rosie Lavochkin has been a hit with Inworldz Residents & if I had a private Region I would be joining them. As it is I have a Mainland Region, strictly PG as is all of the Inworldz Mainland & Sponsored Regions. Yet we have the official word here… Inworldz IS an ADULT Grid & Always has been.

The fact that we do have many PG Regions means nothing. We are all ADULTS in Inworldz…. here is the Bohemia Charter

The Charter for “Bohemia”

The Colony to be known as “Bohemia” within the VR grid known as Inworldz is an intentional community of privately owned adult and mature rated regions, set up by its members to provide a contiguous continent that is navigable by land, air and waterways and be generally open to visitors.

The Bohemia Colony welcomes within it artistic, commercial, role play and residential regions of any adult/mature rating/theme or genre who wish to be a part of a community of like minded, free living adults who agree to the following terms:

1. All regions must be mature or adult rated and generally kept open to other residents of Bohemia and undertake to maintain navigable pathways across their regions for other visitors who, by entering Bohemia, will be deemed to accept that they are entering a continent of Inworldz where uncensored but legal content of an adult nature may be encountered, witnessed or experienced.

2. The content owners and providers within Bohemia will not under any circumstances be held responsible for the well being of any registered avatar who turns out to be a minor who has encountered adult content in Bohemia and will not be liable in law for any behaviours that avatar may experience by having entered Bohemia by their own free will.

3. Regions within Bohemia may elect to restrict access to their private lands on the basis of e.g. gender, age, sexual orientation, religion/spiritual belief or any other definition they deem fit without censure, which is allowed (or not disallowed) by law and complies with the TOS of Inworldz… provided they comply with the requirement to provide a clear method of notification of such restriction and a clear pathway through their region to maintain the contiguous nature of the continent.

4. Private regions who do not wish to be situated directly adjacent to other private regions who may be providing content of a more extreme nature they are uncomfortable with, must make their own protective provision to provide and pay for a scenic sim as a buffer zone to protect themselves from visually witnessing the adult behaviours of others and this scenic sim must also allow for the unrestricted passage of residents/visitors.

5. Regions situated in Bohemia may create any sort of artistic/residential/roleplay/themed and/or commercial content (other than ad farms) on ground level but to preserve navigable air space must restrict construction on platforms to above 1000 metres.

6. Ban lines will generally not be allowed in Bohemia although residents may restrict access to parcels for short periods if privacy is required. Privacy should NOT extend over the entire region so region owners will be required to ensure that the pathways designated for public access are parcelled off and kept open at all times.

7. A management group will be properly elected from the owners and residents of regions situated within Bohemia to deal with any contraventions/disputes that arise from disagreements relating to the core requirements of the charter as set out above. The working rules of the Management group will be set out separately.

If you have a private region marked ADULT & You would like to become part of Bohemia just have your Regions moved to the area around these 2 locations

Elusive Inspiration

Starlight Bay

Bye for now
Rosa ;)

Forum squabbles not representative of Life in Inworldz

For as long as I have been a Resident of Inworldz, some 4+ years now. The Forum has been a daily read for me, good or bad, its my 1st stop of the day. In the beginning hardly anyone posted. I used to just post for the sake of showing any would be visitors that there was life on the grid. Then as we grew & new residents began to post on a daily basis & discussions & debates became a regular occurrence, so too did the squabbles. It is nothing new, all Forums get heated at times. I do not know what happens to some ppl when they are replying to threads, I know in the past I have allowed myself to be drawn in & my temper has gotten the better of me, which isn’t good for anyone. These days I give my Opinion & walk away… I try to not get drawn in to any ongoing squabbles. I often wonder what visitors must be thinking when they see so many locked threads on our Forum, but the thing is… Inworld life is not like it is presented on those Forums.

Most all of the Residents I have come into contact with… inworld.. and there have been many.. are kind, helpful, thoughtful, caring. I log in & a group chat will pop open… no squabbling there… just friendly banter or helpful hints. I can either join in, or just watch it flow as I work.

On the Forum we have those who do seem to like the drama… they ignite it, then inflame it, but Inworld I have yet to see any drama. You go to an event & your with a nice bunch of friendly ppl, some you may not even know and its just wonderful to see everyone enjoying our world.

I wouldn’t like to see the General Forum closed permanently & sometimes I question the reasons for a thread being locked, especially when a new one usually opens to continue on with the debate. Personally I would like to see Moderators handling the Forums… taking away the burden from the Founders… who.. lets be Honest here… cannot win whatever they do.

People want to have their say … and some like to Force their Opinions.. at any cost.. Let us just Hope that the cost is not to have our General Forums at all… that would be a sad loss

If you are reading this & have been reading the Forums & thinking wtf I am not going to join that grid…. Just remember what I have said… Life Inworld is so much better… You won’t be disappointed

See you Inworld
Rosa ;)

InWorldz DreamSharing Site!

Originally posted on InWorldz DreamShare:

Welcome to the InWorldz DreamSharing Site! We’ve put this site together specifically for our users to share their DreamShares from InWorldz with others, and participate in contests that will be ongoing!

The above video is a great example of a DreamShare of a project done originally by Ener Hax, and shared by Tranquillity Dexler. Many thanks to Ener for sharing :)

Our first Contest is going to be centered for Halloween! What’s better than getting all spooky and creating great Halloween stuff? Sharing it of course! What’s even better than Sharing it? Winning a free region for a month! Yes, a free region for a month*! We’ll have two categories for this contest: New Creators and Established Creators as we wish to encourage new creators to get started and have an incentive but not feel as if they can’t compete with our more established residents!

*Note: If you are an…

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